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Very impressive sound and love not being “on a leash”. They are connected via the audio headphone jack on a SoundBlaster Recon3D PCIe sound card on the rig shown below and work perfectly, however some reviewers of these headphones have them connected to “the source” via the optical connection and state the sound quality is superior. There is also an optical connector on the Sennheiser base so one can connect to a source via the optical output or the audio jack. There is no mention of optically connected headphones but I tried anyway since it is an optical out connection. I plugged the cable provided by Sennheiser into the optical out port on the SoundBlaster card and there is clearly a bright red light coming out of the other end that would be plugged into the base of the RS headphones. I hook everything up, select the switch on the base up for the optical connection, rebooted my computer but there is no sound. I unplugged all other devices from the SoundBlaster jacks, including the hardwired speakers. Anyone with hardware knowledge offer any suggestions or will this output jack simply not work with headphones?

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Ever since Sony introduced their first Populace-Pacification Device page , personal stereo users have been trying to find a decent pair of headphones. The average quality of bundled headphones today is better than it used to be, but when you buy a cheap portable player of some kind – and this definitely includes a lot of MP3 players – you’re probably still going to get a truly ghastly set of headphones with it.

Probably not the classic springy-headband orange-foam-cushioned classics from the ’80s, but the little earbuds that come with a lot of players today have depressingly similar telephone-like frequency response. A lot of portable listening aficionados today are in love with “canalphones”, the earplug-like headphones that give high isolation blocking of outside noise and, generally, exceedingly good sound reproduction as well. But high isolation’s dangerous in many mobile listening situations, and not everybody likes earplugs, and even people who don’t particularly mind having something stuck in their ear still probably don’t want the things there for hours on end, if there’s an alternative.

Sennheiser PXC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The Sennheiser PXC Headphones have used the latest in technology to ensure your audio and music sound its best. The wireless technologies used including Bluetooth and NFC makes these headphones pair up with two devices at once. $ #iPhone 6/6s ; #Headphones Then hook the.

There are three types of technology to consider when choosing a Wireless TV Headphone: Infra-Red IR headphones use line-of-sight technology, which means that you have to be lined up with the transmitter within line of sight in order for them to receive sound. Radio Frequency RF headphones transmit sound through walls and ceilings, which means that you can move from room to room and even use a Treadmill and still receive audio.

There are two types of technology used when connecting a Wireless TV Headphone: For a complete list of digital headphones click here. This allows the user to amplify TV shows, calls and stream music without disturbing others. Both headphones can receive audio at the same time either transmitters included. With an extra transmitter you can use the same headphones on two separate TV’s.

Both headphones can receive audio at the same time from a single transmitter included , or — use one headphone as a back up extra– keep one set charging while the other is in use. With our TV Listener Headphones, now you can sit back and enjoy those late night TV shows, sports, movies, or news in total privacy and comfort.

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View Profile I see that I didn’t come back here to tell you they weren’t bad, after all. The client had a house guest. The house guest thought he knew what he was doing when things didn’t work right, and managed to change the settings on the Denon.

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Share on Facebook Sennheiser manufactures a line of high-end stereo headphones for music lovers. The products are famous for delivering audiophile-quality sound. Like any other set of corded headphones, a Sennheiser set must be connected to an audio jack for listening in private.

Sep 28,  · I’m currently trying to hook up a Sennheiser G4me Zero Headset, FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC, and Xbox One all together. I will post the links below so that you can see the specs for each item.

I did call Yamahaa, and I was astounded with how poor they designed their remote control, once I got over that, I was no longer surprised that even though they clearly convert digital to analog to go out the headphone jack, they don’t send that same signal out the back, and they don’t leave the speakers on when you plug something into the headphone jack. And there is no way to tell it to leave the speakers on when you plug something into the headphone jack. There was one semi answer Then it would work.

But you can only do this for 2 sources. They suggested getting a manual analog switch, and running analog cables from all sources to the switch and then manually operating the switch so the headphone would match what you selected on the receiver. Kinda lame if you ask me. Technically you could just combine the sources with an adapter and plug that into the headphone, then you could hear all sources at the same time All said and done, when I next need a receiver I will look for a different brand, as they are highly inflexible, and don’t seem to do the kinds of things a normal person would do.

I have a sennheiser tr and it has 2 wires to hook to the

Fri, Jul 25, at 2: If you use a headset, you can set up your phone so that all calls use your headset. Enabling Headset Memory Mode This feature is useful for permanent or full-time headset users. To enable Headset Memory Mode: From the Headset Memory Mode screen, select Enabled. To activate Headset Memory Mode, press twice.

For proof, check out this list of the best headphones for under $ As Consumer Reports testers have discovered, you can find great sound quality at a midrange price. You can pick up the.

If wireless is a must, these need to be near the top of your list. Sennheiser RS — Design and Features Most wireless headphones are designed to hook up with a phone. Not the Sennheiser RS The dock acts as a charging unit for the headphones, and also takes a wired connection from whatever source you want to use. You have a choice of optical or phono inputs.

The Sennheiser RS are for audio or home cinema enthusiasts who want wireless. The headset is full-size, encompassing your ears with very large felt-covered pads. These are open-back headphones, so are not for you if you live in a noisy house. The hardware is similar, but that pair has closed ear cups. For the first few minutes, it feels as though the pressure is a little too localised, but after that they sit almost invisibly on your head. Part of this is down to the reasonably light plastic build.

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Sennheiser TR

I spent several years in terrestrial radio before moving on to become a professional voice actor in Los Angeles, a job I continue to do and love. In addition to myself, we had Brent Butterworth , a Wirecutter AV writer with decades of experience in the audio field for publications such as About. Last time, we also worked with Phil Metzler, a professional musician based in Los Angeles. Who should buy this Why would you want to buy wireless home theater headphones?

These models fill a specific need.

At the Sennheiser website the neckband is described as an optional extra, but it came with my review kit. The ear hook is quite flexible, although I found it a little uncomfortable to wear with.

There ares two groups of people who find it them useful. Sennheiser has made the Set Series for a decade and the latest incarnation is the Set The s use the now familiar layout. A large cradle tray that plugs into your TV and mains power that the stethoscope headset lies on to charge. The cradle has a LED that shows charge levels, a L and a R button, and a button that looks like an ear.

The headset itself is black and coated with a grippy rubber. You wear it exactly like a stethoscope — it pulls up slightly then hangs from your ears just above your chest. It does feel a little odd when you lean back and find something tapping your chest but you quickly get used to the sensation. I can play a podcast on my computer and pop downstairs to the kitchen without a word missed. In older headsets, this would have required you to switch cables every time you wanted to switch audio sources but the s have two inputs — a 3.

The first boosts the lowers, the second smooths out volume differences, the third boosts higher frequencies, the fourth boosts the highers strongly and the fifth reduces the lowers.

Sennheiser RS 120 II Wireless Headphones Review